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Wow, been awhile since I updated this thing hasn't it

So many years have passed since I last updated this site. So much has changed.

Were do I even start? How about the big things first? Right.

I'm single now. Yup. That happened. 13 years apparently didn't mean anything to her, and she threw me out. Ce la vie. Truth be told I'm happier now than I have been for years. Now it's just down to the ugliness of support to work through. Oh boy won't this be fun.

Since you've been gone I've been alone by Bill Bailey

Since you've been gone I've been alone. Like an arm without a bone, Dangling limply like a phone, that's out of charge Like homer without marge Like an egg without a spoon Like a dogong on the moon Like a clown fish without nemo Like twilight without emo Like hardy without laurel Like highground without the moral Like disney without walt Like battery without assault Like a pet shop with out gerbils Like Hitler without Geobbles, running naked through a wedding, driving fast way out past Reading children slaughter kittens playing with a nail gun Childrens laughter, Kittens playing with nail and I gone are these pleasures Like a dilema without the die, Just a lema and a sigh. Like deja without vu, I am nothing without you. Till the day that you come back, I'm like Whitney without crack.
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